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Do not use First Data. I was the unlucky one who was selected to be investigated by First Datas security and risk managment division.

Unknown to me they had suspended my card services. I say unknown because they still let you process charges, but just suspend passing the funds to you. In my case they did call to tell me they were suspended my account, over a week after they actually suspended it. I asked how much of my money they were holding.

He replied "Around $30,000." I then asked, "Why didn't you call me sooner?" His reply was,"I emailed you." Emailed me? Where I'm from a $50 should get you a phone call. For 30k they could have someone come and talk to me. Sure enough between Office Max and Amazon deep in the junk there was an email from First Data.

Going on a month now I'm still working with the worst rep in the world. I must catch him right after arrogance practice, cause his game is sharp. "How do you explain the increase in business?", is what he asked. How do you answer that?

He never returns my calls. When I have caught him on the phone, he pretends to not know anything about me. Then says oh yea i know who you are. Let me put you on hold while I pull all your information to gether.

Like I'm more then acouple clicks away. After enough time has passed to have gone number 2, he comes back and says just one more document and then I can start reviewing your case. Then in a few days I'll make a decision on what to do with the funds. What could you do with my money?

Give it back? Think about what happens if you rely on credit card income and they just decide they are going to keep what you charge? Payroll? Suppliers?

He also told me it was for my own protection and the protection of my customers. That's great and all but who is going to protect me and my customers from First Data?

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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They did this to me too, fortunately I checked on my deposits, and merchant account daily. Day 1 funds did not deposit, so I figured it was because it was a Monday, and a small backup? Day 2 they didn't deposit so I called them. Sent me to risk management, they asked how I was making so many sales? Like it matters? I don't know, maybe I'm selling things? The risk management told me I had two days to fax in paperwork etc or the account would be closed. As it was already decided, I never sent in the paperwork he told me the 4k sitting in hold would be released in 6 months.. After paying suppliers my bank was a little more than even, so I was just going to eat the 4k for 6 months vs stress about getting paperwork that would take longer than 2 days to obtain and send in. They closed the account the next day withdrew 4k from my bank.

If I never called them, they would have just kept accepting transactions, and putting funds on hold.

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First data was nothing but problems for me. The representatives were horrid, significant amounts of money were taken from my BANK account and i seemed to never get help until i got a lawyer involved.

Still dealing with this issue as of now as i write this. I have yet to receive the money that was taken from me.

Do NOT, use first data. There are other great companies like such that are a lot more loyal with there business.


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