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I would recommend that you do NOT select First Data and West Coast Merchant Services for your credit card processing. Service is not in their vocabulary.

There was one representative who was helpful, the rest appeared to be paid to make me hate them. They must be rich.

I selected them based on rates and the ability to cancel early without penalty. The charges were still high, incompatible with my business model and I had to fight to get them to honor the agreement made to waive the penalty for early termination when I had to close the business due to credit card fees.

The last customer charge was never paid despite being told they would close the account once the charge passed. They told me they would only process it if I agreed to pay fees to re-open my account. I had to ask my customer to write a check. Now two months later I see charges on my account - "gateway fees".

They use Authorize.net but did not automatically cancel that when I cancelled my service - so today I am again fighting to get those charges removed.

I have to FAX the information to Authorize.net. They can electronically do everything else but to issue a refund they require a fax...could it be that want to make it as difficult as possible?

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I am in the midst of a similar situation with West Coast. The fees for processing were so high that it became cost prohibitive to run credit cards, and consequently to do business at all.

In the meantime, despite having discussed the possibility of needing to terminate the contract early with my sales rep (and him agreeing that West Coast would be the perfect solution for our temporary business,) I am now being charged $500 to terminate the account.

It's amazing to me that West Coast can't seem to understand my predicament - they make it too expensive for my business to survive using their service, then charge me $500 because I can't afford to stay in business? Anyone have any suggestions for getting out of the cancellation fee that I was never made aware of?

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